Acne Awareness Month

June is Acne Awareness Month: Inform, communicate, overcome! #acnechat


Established 10 years ago, June is acne awareness month. The goal during the month is to create awareness behind the fact that acne can be a real problem and encourage acne sufferers to inform, ask questions, share information with others, and get real help for the long term. It becomes crucial to recognize acne as a disease to take seriously. Some people suffer tremendously physically and psychologically, and as a real cause.

There are 60 million people in the US alone who suffer from acne and who need real help and support. Therefore AcnEase is proud to create more awareness to make the acne challenge easier for the victims of this skin disease.

AcnEase is not only a treatment against acne, it is also an ear and a voice for people with acne. Acne is a real social problem since millions have this "disease". Kids as young as 9 years old are affected, and the average age of an adult acne sufferer has increased to 26.5 within 10 years. Those without acne might not understand, but acne can have a real psychological and social impact that affects them over the years, and that becomes a serious concern. Emotional side effects can be serious short and long term. People can experience:

... Emotional side effects can sometimes have devastating consequences like suicide.

In addition, our appearance is an essential component of the perception of self and a condition of our social integration. We have all experienced at least once a social pressure by others or even by ourselves.

It’s time to take action together and make an integral change to the perception of acne by others, but also ourselves.


Others have joined us to represent this cause and help as many people.

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During the month of June we will provide valuable tips for clear skin in the long term as well as a contest that will allow 2 winners to receive a free treatment AcnEase.

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Let's talk about it! #acnechat

Together we can participate in this movement to help each other and improve the image that people may have about acne. Share the information on your social networks and communicate together thanks to #acnechat.