5 Reasons Why Sex Can Help Acne-Prone Skin

Did you know that sex can benefit your skin and even help you treat your acne? Crazy, right?

The fact is, a healthy sex life has many health benefits including improving the quality of your skin and actually helping in some instances to fight acne.

As you know, acne is a manifestation of an internal imbalance, most often an imbalance of sex hormones (androgens/testosterone, estrogen and progesterone).  

So how exactly does having sex help with acne?

  1. Sex can help to balance your hormone levels, which may help in keeping your skin clear.

  2. Sex boosts the production of a "happy hormone" called serotonin, which is responsible for making you feel younger, happier and more desirable socially. These positive feelings will encourage you to take care yourself, including committing to a healthier skincare regimen.

  3. Having sex improves blood circulation, which helps to deliver oxygen to your skin.

  4. Having sex once or twice a week increases levels of an antibody called immunoglobin, and as a result, there is a positive impact on your immune system which may help in fighting inflammation and infection caused by acne bacteria in your clogged pores.

  5. Keeping away from harmful foods will help to keep your skin clear, and having sex can replace those sweets. Sugar and carbs aren't good for your skin, especially if you have acne, and there is a clear connection between the health of your digestive system and the health of your skin.

So as you spend time strengthening your relationship with that special person in your life this Valentine's Day, remember that you're also helping to keep your skin healthy, beautiful and acne-free!

With a Promise of Clear Skin,
Dr. A