Trend: Men are Embracing a Healthier Skincare & Cosmetics Routine

By now, we all know that adult acne is on the rise--for women and men alike. What you might not know is that as more and more men deal with acne, more and more men are becoming comfortable not only using acne treatments but also  on relying on cosmetic products to conceal acne and other unwanted skin marks during the time of treatment.  

Our anonymous Facebook pole revealed that a number of guys use corrective cosmetics to cover up their acne breakouts.

As more and more men have to deal with acne, they also demand more assistance and information about how to best treat and prevent acne, maintain a healthy skincare routine and conceal blemishes and acne scars. The most obvious difference is that women still are more proactive in searching for answers and sharing information publically.  The less obvious difference is that the media often forgets about male needs in this area, and about the fact that male cosmetics sector in the US grew over 40% last year (the largest growth in cosmetic industry ever). According to the research firm Mintel this trend is expected to grow steadily into 2018.

Men skincare products are actually the fastest growing sector of grooming and cosmetics business also in Europe, Asia and Latin America.  

There are still however many guys who are doubtful, embarrassed or simply don’t put too much effort into their skincare regimen. 

Well, guys, take this into consideration:

Acne is as much a disease of the skin as it is a disease of the soul. The psychological and social impact of acne is a growing and serious concern as it may make a severe short and long-term imprint on a person’s life (for women and men alike).

Some psychological problems resulting from facial and body acne include low self-esteem and negative body image, social withdrawal and limiting or even terminating relationship building and social activities, lowering standards and motivation in meeting educational or/professional & career goals, mood swings, depression and more. These problems have a negative impact on the quality of life.  The level of personal satisfaction or fulfillment are unfortunately too often overlooked or deemed less important.

Some men might be less likely than others to admit that acne is having an emotional effect on his well-being, just as some women would be less likely to do the same. But the fact is, in our culture, appearance is an essential part of self-perception and often a condition of social acceptance.  

Why wouldn't you do whatever you could to lessen the emotional impact of acne? No one should be embarrassed to take care of themselves in ways that make them feel good.

Here are some suggestions, especially if you want to take full advantage of the upcoming delightful weather.

Step 1:  Choose an Effective Acne Treatment

Have you chosen an acne treatment that is right for you?  One that you know will break the acne cycle so that you don’t have to continue on a roller coaster ride?

Male acne is hard to treat, so the sooner you get to the root of the problem from the inside, the better.

Step 2:  Choose a Proper Cleansing Regimen

Many of our customers use our recommended daily skincare routine that works very well for those with acne prone skin.

Just make sure to stay away from drying and harsh soaps and ingredients like salicylic acid.  Also, rubbing the skin too vigorously will only invite more bacteria into the pores, clogging them and making your acne worse. 

Step 3: Easily Camouflage

No we’re not going to tell you to visit the makeup counter every week.  We are going to tell you however to try this easy cosmetics routine. 

You need to cancel out the redness on your skin.  So in order to do this, you must find a concealer.  For light skin, get a green concealer.  For dark skin, get an orange concealer.   Dab these on the problem areas.  Use a very thin layer (more is NOT better). Over this lighter spot cover, put on another non comedogenic concealer that is the same color of your skin tone – again, use a very light touch and thin layer, and dab.

Although corrective cosmetics products are great for camouflaging acne and other imperfections, they DO NOT REPLACE TREATMENT. You must also treat acne in a way that breaks the cycle for good. Improving your skin health is the first step in increasing the quality of your life!

With a Promise of Clear Skin,
Dr. A