Herbal Teas and Decoctions That Help Rosacea.

Honeysuckle flower, white mulberry leaf, dandelion leaf, burdock root and loquat leaf can all be taken regularly to help cool and cleanse the skin.

An infusion is made in the same way as one would make strong tea. The basic recipe for making an infusion is a pint of boiling water to two tablespoons of leaves or flowers. 

Pour the boiling water over the herbs in a teapot and let it steep for 10-15 minutes, when ready strain. To make it stronger simply increase the amount of herbs and leave it to steep longer. For the roots and barks make a decoction using the above method but simmering the root for 30 minutes in a saucepan instead of steeping.

External Powder for Rosacea

The powder Dian Dao San is used externally to clear damp heat in Chinese medicine. Equal quantities of finely ground sulphur and rhubarb root are mixed together and the powder is dabbed on to the active lesions. This can be used twice a day and should be left on the skin for ten minutes each time but NOT RUBBED into the skin. The powder can be mixed with any type of good quality base cream or made into a paste with water. Alternately a decoction of the two ingredients can be used to wash the skin, again without rubbing that may irritate the skin. Dian Dao San is appropriate for active pustules and may irritate inactive lesions e.g. black or whiteheads so it should be used with caution and discontinued at any sign of irritation.